Every rug has a story. Here is ours.
Zuma was founded by adventurers and entrepreneurs, Elyse and Zu. Both women travel to Turkey several times a year to hand select and create every piece in their collection with fabulous Turkish artisans. When not in Turkey, their Turkish team is constantly sourcing the highest quality items to ship to their Mount Pleasant shoppable warehouse. Every rug is handmade and a true work of art. Zuma first made its name with their variety of colorful Vintage Turkish Rugs. Now offering pillows, ottomans and decorative home accents as well as handmade kilim shoes and bags. Each piece truly is unique and authentic.

Starting out as best friends, Zu and Elyse knew they had the potential to work very well together professionally as they balance each other out and make a great team. They are both obsessed with the history, designs and stories behind vintage Turkish rugs. Our love of the textiles of Turkey is truly what inspired us to create Zuma.