How do I care for my rugs? Spot clean with cold water or a natural detergent if needed. Diluted castille soap is best. Blot any spills and do not rub. Never use carpet cleaner sprays, and avoid natural cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda which can cause color change. For major accidents or if you want your entire rug cleaned, have them professionally cleaned by a company who uses natural products. We recommend professional cleaning at least every 5 years. When vacuuming your rug, always use a light canister vacuum. Avoid heavy-duty, industrial vacuums as these can damage the fibers of the rug and rob it of its natural gloss. A floor setting or floor vacuum will work well. We like to vacuum the underside occasionally as well.

Do you have a storefront location? Yes!  We are located at 1090 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Unit A in Mount Pleasant, SC.  Hours are Wednesday thru Saturday from 11 to 4 and also by appointment. 

How do I wash my pillowcases? Spot clean pillowcases with cold water using a natural detergent. 

So these pillows are made from vintage rugs? Yes!  The pillows are handmade from vintage rugs so each of our products is unique and cannot be reproduced.  Because of the age of the textiles, some pillows have light wear but this just enhances the character and does not affect the quality. They are durable, beautiful, one of a kind and each one has a story.

Do the pillowcases have zipper enclosures?  Yes!  They each have zipper enclosures and a neutral durable fabric on the back.

Do the pillows come with inserts?  No.  We have found great prices through West Elm, Pottery Barn, Online Fabric Store and also through Amazon (specifically the 12x24 lumbar inserts).  If you need more info, please feel free to email us.  

I see a pillow set on the website but I'd just like to purchase one.  Is that possible?  Yes, it can be done sometimes.  Email us to see if we can split a set for you!

I'm looking for a certain size rug, but I don't see one on the Zuma website.  Are you able to help me shop for one?  Absolutely!  We love to help customers find the perfect pieces for their homes.  Email us to set up an appointment in person or over the phone. 

I'm looking for certain pillow design.  Are you able to help me find things not online? Yes! We can help you find the perfect pieces for your home and can even custom make pillows for your decor and size needed.

May I return items? If for some reason you are not happy with one of our products, you may return the item within 7 days.  Please email us through our contact page and state why you are returning the item.  We will send you return instructions via a reply to your email.  We are not responsible for any return shipping.

*Items must be in the condition in which they were shipped to you. Please note that all our items are vintage and may have natural wear because of that quality.  

*Return Policy for Shoes: Shoes must be in original condition, unworn, and undamaged. When trying on shoes, please wear them on a carpeted surface or rug to prevent scuffing. Shoes with damage or scuffing cannot be returned. Shipping costs are responsibly of customer. Please contact us to start a return process.


Do you have additional questions?   Please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.