4758 Handwoven Vintage Rug 1’5x3


The Vintage Rug - Handmade, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, One-of-a-Kind

This vintage Turkish handwoven rug has a beautiful pink background with blue and neutral accents.

Our Handmade Vintage Rugs are not just rugs; they are individual works of art, each a unique masterpiece woven with meticulous care in Turkey. Crafted from the finest wool or a luxurious blend of wool and cotton, these rugs carry a piece of history within their fibers.

What sets these rugs apart is their one-of-a-kind nature. Each Handmade Vintage Rug narrates a captivating story through its intricate designs and motifs, offering a glimpse into Turkey's rich cultural heritage.

These rugs, skillfully crafted by artisans, are remarkably versatile, enhancing various spaces in your home. Whether adorning entryways, hallways, bathrooms, or sprawling across large rooms and gracing kitchen floors, their timeless charm and enduring quality make them treasured additions to any interior. From boho to traditional design, a vintage runner can add the perfect touch to any space.

Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every vintage rug undergoes meticulous repair and thorough cleaning before embarking on its journey from Turkey. This dedication guarantees they arrive at your doorstep in impeccable condition. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these rugs embody durability and sustainability, standing as testaments to classic charm and lasting quality. Each rug is not just a decor piece but a unique storyteller in your home, weaving together artistry and heritage.

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