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Wooden Bread Tray 09


Our exquisite Wood Bread Boards, originate from the heart of Turkey. Each board is a vintage gem, hand-selected during our sourcing trips and they bear the marks of a rich history spent crafting artisanal bread. Handmade and uniquely one-of-a-kind, these boards carry the warmth and character of bygone kitchens. Transform your space with rustic charm, using them as distinctive home decor accents or elevate your gatherings by repurposing them as charming charcuterie boards. Embrace the essence of Turkey's culinary heritage with these timeless, versatile pieces that seamlessly blend history and modern elegance into your home. 

17 wide x 29 long x 8 tall 

*this one has a leg that was repaired at some time, but does not match the other legs.

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